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Dairy & Eggs

We are updating our inventory for the 2021 season. Please check back soon!

Plain yogurt, 32oz

Plain yogurt, 32oz- Cream top, nothing added and nothing taken out of the milk. Just full fat milk and yogurt cultures.

Vanilla yogurt, 32oz

Vanilla yogurt, 32oz - Cream top, full fat milk, organic cane sugar, organic vanilla extract and yogurt cultures. So...

Honey yogurt, 32oz

Honey yogurt, 32oz- Full fat milk, Honey and yogurt cultures. So simple and so good!

Plain Kefir, 32oz

Plain Kefir, 32oz - Full fat milk and Kefir cultures. Kefir is a drinkable yogurt with different strains of bacteria...

Vanilla Kefir, 32oz

Vanilla Kefir, 32oz, 32oz - Full fat milk, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Vanilla extract and Kefir cultures. The flavor...

Cultured Buttermilk, 32oz

Cultured Buttermilk, 32oz - The only full fat, cultured buttermilk around! Its incredible in baking, in sauces, in...

Chocolate Milk, 16oz

Chocolate Milk, 16oz - Ever had real chocolate milk without thickeners or additives? You probably haven't, so...

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