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Jacobs Cattle Beans

Heirloom dry beans similar to kidney beans. Great for soups, salads, or simply on their own! Known for their creamy...

Local Raw 12 oz. Squeeze Honey Bear

Local Raw McFall Beeyard Honey. Each bottle is sweet goodness. YUM! Every delightful drop is a gift from the bees...


Pure beeswax. Each brick is approximately One (1) pound each.

Local Raw Honey 46 oz. Quart

46 oz. Glass Wide Mouth Jar of Local Raw McFall Beeyard Honey.

Local Raw Honey 23 oz Pint

23 oz. Glass Jar of Local Raw McFall Beeyard Honey.

Local Raw Honey 13 oz Hexagon Jar

13 oz. Glass hexagon jar of Local Raw McFall Beeyard Honey.

Plain yogurt, 32oz

Plain yogurt, 32oz- Cream top, nothing added and nothing taken out of the milk. Just full fat milk and yogurt cultures.

Vanilla yogurt, 32oz

Vanilla yogurt, 32oz - Cream top, full fat milk, organic cane sugar, organic vanilla extract and yogurt cultures. So...

Honey yogurt, 32oz

Honey yogurt, 32oz- Full fat milk, Honey and yogurt cultures. So simple and so good!

Plain Kefir, 32oz

Plain Kefir, 32oz - Full fat milk and Kefir cultures. Kefir is a drinkable yogurt with different strains of bacteria...

Vanilla Kefir, 32oz

Vanilla Kefir, 32oz, 32oz - Full fat milk, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Vanilla extract and Kefir cultures. The flavor...

Cultured Buttermilk, 32oz

Cultured Buttermilk, 32oz - The only full fat, cultured buttermilk around! Its incredible in baking, in sauces, in...

Whatcom Red Smoothie, 16oz

Whatcom Red Smoothie, 16oz - Red Raspberry Smoothie! Drink it straight or use it as a mixer for your favorite...

Chocolate Milk, 16oz

Chocolate Milk, 16oz - Ever had real chocolate milk without thickeners or additives? You probably haven't, so...

Local Raw Honey 46 oz. CREAMED Quart

46 oz. wide mouth glass Jar Creamed honey.

Handmade potholder

Handcrafted potholder made with waffle print fabric from Spoonflower.

Local Raw (23) oz. Creamed Honey

23 oz. pint glass Jar Creamed honey is honey that has crystalized into a fine spreadable consistency. Creamed honey...

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